St.Petersburg, Vaslievskiy island, Bolshoy prospect 20.

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We work around the clock

Beer restaurant around the clock in St. Petersburg

Where to drink beer in St. Petersburg?

Taverna Grolle is located in the very center of Vasilievsky Island, on the corner of Bolshoy Prospekt and the 6-7th pedestrian line. The atmosphere is soulful. The dim light is disposing to the rest.

We offer six beers for every taste and color. The lovers of the classics can choose pale lager or unfiltered wheat beer. For the lovers of some exotic we offer English semi-dark beer and Belgian cherry beer. If you cannot decide just take Czech dark beer!

Coming just to drink a mug or two you can stay at our stylish bar looking like a wooden ship. If you want to relax on full, sit down in one of our five halls close to Belgian tapestries and walls full of glowing candles: it’s very cozy.

Many dishes from the menu card can be perfectly combined with beer : cold pork baked with horseradish, cold smoked trout, dumplings with beef hear, homemade sausages with stewed cabbage, lamb kebab and juicy chebureki with meat.

Our guests can stay up late and even for the whole night: the Tavern works round the clock.

The alcoholic card offers a wide list of strong drinks for the gentlemen and cocktails for ladies, the wine list includes many wines of Old and New Worlds.

shrimp, fried with chili, ginger and garlic

oriental dumplings, stuffed with lamb and vegetables, called Manti

meat plate

home made sausages with stewed cabbage

salad with fried pikeperch in sesam


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