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About Taverna

We are proud of our fresh fish. The dishes with fresh fish take the first page of menu at «Taverna Grolle». It's called "Catch of the day". The catch depends on what kind of fish the day before was caught by fishermen. We prepare for our guests the fish that lives in the water of Northwest Region: pikeperch, whitefish, pike from Ladoga, Onega or Peipus lake. Lancetfish, halibut and flatfish from Barents or White Sea arrive two times a week from Murmansk harbor.

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The main advantage of our fish is its freshness. Only the fresh, non-frozen fish keeps its natural texture of flesh and real organic taste. We are sure, it's worth it to endure the temporary absense of some fish types for a quality product on the plate. It happens because of storms and weather conditions of our region that could slow down the prompt delivery of fresh fish.

Our guests most often ask to prepare the fish on the open fire. That means on the chargrill located in the central hall of Taverna. Prepared on the open fire fish has smoky flavor of the bonfire and also the dish is prepared maximally fast. Besides that we fry fish in a pan, steam it and smoke it in our smokehouse. We offer hot smoked as a whole fish: pikeperch, whitefish and trout. The hit of our starters is cold-smoked whitefish: at first the fish is smoked and then it is pickled with juniper berries. The most popular soup in «Taverna Grolle» is Uha - Russian fish soup with a rich broth.

The special aspect of our menu is the smelt - culinary symbol of Saint Petersburg. The smelt fish is living in our region the whole year, but in the pre-spawning saison from January to Mai smelt is going into the less salty waters of Gulf of Finland and get its distinctive cucumber smell. Exactly at this time we offer the smelt to our guests. It's fried with the crisp crust and served with salad of fresh radish, cucumber and oil.
Every fish is served with piquant light sauce made of whipped cream with sour cream, fresh horseradish, capers and rose pepper.


Alexander Dubin is the one who rules the kitchen

Alexander DubinChef

The first dish I learned how to cook were pancakes. Then I was 6 years old. At 11 I used to cook cheburekki. My mother was grumbling every time she came home in the evening, cause the whole kitchen was full of flour. Every summer I spent in the village. It was joyfully: no worries, forest and mushrooms, river... But the main thing for me was grandfather's fishing rod. My grandfather was a real fisherman with experience. He had a small raft, made of 4 logs. He fished on this hand made raft and he always took me with him on fishing. Most often we had a fishing for a pike with hand made fishing lure. And we never came home with empty hands. There were lots of different fishes in our river besides pike. Read more


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Discount system

Dear guests of restaurant «Taverna Grolle»!

There is a discount system based on discount club cards in our restaurant. Your discount starts with 5%. You get the 10% discount provided that expended in the restaurant sum reaches 10 000 RUB. With expended sum 80 000 RUB you get 15%, with 150 000 RUB - 20%.

Club cart of restaurant «Taverna Grolle» affords the discount in restaurant «Montenegro» Korablestroiteley street, 30 A

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