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Eastern cuisine

One special menu page is focused on bright food diversity of Middle East. Responsible for oriental cuisine cooks are the representative of authentic culture. The high respect for the food and cooking process is a great part of oriental national property, since the gathering on one common table is not only ceremony, but also persistent through the centuries tradition in the East.

The East is rich in meat, especially in lamb, which is used everywhere: lamb ribs with tomatoes and herbs go to Shurpa-soup, Dolma is made of minced lamb with rice wrapped by young grape leaves, chopped lamb with coriander stuffs dumplings Manti. The lamb is not the only one meat type in the oriental cuisine. One of the most popular oriental meal made of veal with ramson and hand made noodles is Lagman with rich broth. The main Georgian cheese Suluguni fills Cheburekki and goldish kutabi with cilantro, spinat, strong spring onion. Of course the oriental cuisine cannot exist without Plov, cooking only by men in the big thick-walled cauldron with carrots, barberry, cumin and even with a piece of the hospitable oriental soul of the cook.

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