St.Petersburg, Vaslievskiy island, Bolshoy prospect 20.

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Fish restaurant in the very center of Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is a port city, but there are not so many restaurants with an interesting fish cuisine. Our unique offer is fresh fish! In the "Taverna Grolle" fresh fish dishes occupy the first page of the menu - the assortment is more than worthy. The fish that we cook for our guests inhabits in the waters of the North-Western region: pikeperch, whitefish, and pike are brought by fishermen from Ladoga, Onega or Peipsi lakes. Lancet-fish, halibut and flatfish, which are caught in the Barents and White Seas, come twice a week from the Murmansk port being cooled. Well-established logistics allows us to work with a quality fresh product and we are proud of its quality.

Fish is prepared in all possible ways - at the request of the guest. The most popular is the preparation of fish on the open fire: we prepare pikeperch, whitefish, trout, lancet-fish and Murmansk salmon on our chargrill. The charming aroma of the fire is spread all over the tavern. Moreover, the dish is cooked on the open fire as quickly as possible. Also Fish is fried on a frying pan, cooked on steam, smoked in your own smokehouse in two ways - hot and cold. Hot smoked could be pikeperch, whitefish and trout as a whole fish. The top of all cold appetizers is a cold-smoked whitefish: the fish is firstly smoked, then marinated with a juniper berry; Cold smoked halibut served with white marinated onions. "Taverna Grolle" is a restaurant with a true fish cuisine!

It’s simple to find us: "Taverna Grolle" is located on the corner of Bolshoy Prospect VO and 6-7th pedestrian line. Here you can find five large halls full of brutal oak furniture, hand-painted plafonds, Belgian tapestries. Evening comfort is created by burning candles and live music. The choice of drinks is great: several types of draft beer, an impressive list of strong drinks for gentlemen and cocktails for ladies and a large wine list. By the way, we are working for you around the clock!

Fried flatfish

Smoked whitefish

Cold smoked halibut

Cold smoked whitefish marinated with juniper

Smoked whitefish fillet

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