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Alexander Dubin, the chef of Taverna Grolle restaurant

The first dish I learned how to cook were pancakes. Then I was 6 years old. At 11 I used to cook cheburekki. My mother was grumbling every time she came home in the evening, cause the whole kitchen was full of flour. Every summer I spent in the village. It was joyfully: no worries, forest and mushrooms, river... But the main thing for me was grandfather's fishing rod. My grandfather was a real fisherman with experience. He had a small raft, made of 4 logs. He fished on this hand made raft and he always took me with him on fishing. Most often we had a fishing for a pike with hand made fishing lure. And we never came home with empty hands. There were lots of different fishes in our river besides pike. So I could feed all the cats in the village during the summer time.

There is no better relaxation for me than fishing. I prefer sport fishing, that is based on one rule: " caught a fish - let it go". Of course when I'm on fishing for 2-3 days I'm catching fish for food. My favorite thing outside the city is to cook a fish soup on the open fire or to grill on the riverside.

When I want to take a break, I make a sport fishing for just one day: I drive to a lonely place, leave my car and go along the river with the fishing rod. Every fish I catch is released back into the water.

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